"Legend of the Volcano"
Mural 12'x6', Texas 1993
"Woodabe Suitors" Mural 6'x4'
private home, Philadelphia, 2001
"BearDog", detail of floorcloth
West Palm Beach, FL 
"The Red Shoes"
Acrylic on drywall
Multimedia on drywall
"Richard as the Lionheart"
detail of pastel portrait
private collection 2002
"Man at Table"
Acrylic on Wallboard, 2003
"By the Pool"
Multimedia painting, 2003
"The Umbrella"
Watercolor, 2003
"The Velveteen Rabbit"
Multimedia on Wallboard, 2003
"Central Park in the Summer"
  CD Cover for Joey Santanello
Watercolor, 1999

Over the past 15 years, I have planned and executed original illustrations for research report covers, corporate event invitations, T-shirts, banners, logos and websites for major corporations in the New York City area.  Major clients have included Multex Inc., Credit Suisse First Boston , Joe's Crab Shack, The Horseradish,  OmniPresents Co. and Barclay's Capital of London. I have also designed menu covers, place cards, logos and murals for various restaurants in Florida, California and Texas.  I have done faux effects wall, furniture and floor painting, floor cloths and murals in private homes in the same states.

In 2006 I was involved in many faux and mural projects in the Olympia Subdivision of Wellington, FL as well as a number of projects in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Weston, Clermont, and Boca Raton.

I have written and illustrated " UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER, BAD ENDINGS FOR NAUGHTY CHILDREN" (6 unpublished cautionary tales" for children) and I am currently operating as “Color Painting Company”, offering residential / commercial murals, scenic painting, decorative applications and illustration services in Central and South Florida.

  MURALS  AND  PAINTINGS 1995 to 2005
Don't Take the Scenic Route...BE the Scenic Route!!.
Acrylic monotone PORTRAIT on canvas 2004
"Unhappily Ever After"
Bad Endings for Naughty Children

by Caroline Key

     Original first page Illustrations from my children's book series
       The Story of Tim
who ran away and came to
a bad end
The Story of Maria
who told red hot lies
The Story of Sandra
who never learned her ABC's
The Story of Martha
who had a smashing time
The Story of Fred
who's adventure went off with a bang
The Story of Dora Dense
who's appetite was immense
Lab Pup - Greeting Card
Blues Man - Charcoal on paper
The French Open
Briefing manual design
British Kitty 
Acrylic on Wallboard
Houston Nutcracker design
Dottie Floorcloth
Auctioned for funds
for US Equestrian team, 1997
Portrait of Lily -
West Palm Beach, 1996
Portrait of private home, Palm Beach, FL
  Oil on Canvas - 1997
Old Man Janus -  Pencil sketch, 2009
Shadow Bouquet- chalk pastel, 2009
"The Wolf Clan" -  WaterColor pencil sketch, 2009
My sister Lily and her husband Nat, as "pirates".
Put their heads on 2 paintings I found on the web, using GIMP computer graphics software
Web Design Companies - Orlando, FL
Pediatric Dental Office, Kissimmee FL
Betty's Laughing Horse Saloon REPAINT of 1993 MURAL
                          by artist, Grayhound
Sign MURAL by me at Betty's Laughing Horse Tavern